Defying the advice of countless employment professionals and family members, Aaron Braxton declared today that he plans to wait until after he finds a job to make changes to his appearance. The 24-year-old graduate of the University of Massachusetts says the decision is as much about principle as it is fashion: “I just can’t see myself being happy at a company that would want me to change who I am. Plus, chicks dig it.”

Mr. Braxton concedes his decision may have impeded his job search. He has yet to receive a call back or follow-up email from any of the companies at which he has interviewed. Despite this, he remains determined not to acquiesce to conventions he describes as “arbitrary” and “corporate.”

“I’ll cut my hair and trim my beard after I get a decent job,” Braxton reaffirmed at the press conference, “and not a second before.”

In the meantime, Mr. Braxton is content to continue living with his parents, whom he described as “totally supportive” of his decision–an allegation our sources were not able to confirm.