Northampton, Massachusetts–This month marks the launch of an exciting new magazine title, published right here in Northampton. THEM Magazine is a lifestyle, fashion, and culture monthly aimed at the transgender, gender non-binary, intergender, and genderqueer communities. With a circulation of over 40,000 copies per month, THEM will be available nationwide.

In an interview with Tofu Curtain, Publisher Dakota Plouffe called the new publication “a way to explore the space between genders. In glossy print. With super nice ads. And lots of dating tips.”

Plouffe is planning some exciting features for the first issue including: ‘Does Zie love me? 10 Signs Your Intersex Personfriend is Interested in More than Just Cuddling’ and ‘They’re Meeting the Parents: A Crash Course in Pronouns for Mom and Dad.’

December’s issue will be focused on the holidays, with stories that range from lighthearted to serious, like ‘Sexy Non-Specific Undergarments: From Me to Boo’ and ‘Santa’s Elves: Happy, Jolly Volunteers, or Oppressed and Subjugated Genderqueer Workforce?’.

To Dakota Plouffe and their Team at THEM we at Tofu Curtain would like to say: ‘Welcome and Congratulations! We know THEY are gonna love ya!’.