Hadley, MA–In perhaps the most surprising twist this election cycle, Wikileaks has turned its sights on town officials from Hadley, Massachusetts. Last night at 3:26 AM EST, the activist website released six years of correspondence between Hadley Town Administrator David Nixon and his staff.

The release, which includes over 470 separate emails, covers a variety of topics, ranging from personal exchanges to administrative frustrations. There is, however, one unifying theme: the complete lack of anything interesting to see or do in this town of 5,200 people.

Keyword searches confirm that the phrase “nothing to do,” appears no less than 200 times throughout the communications and is, in fact, the subject line of 32 email chains. Similarly, the word “boring” can be found 164 times, and the expression “gonna kill some time at Target” is the reply to at least 64 peer-to-peer inquiries.

Searches of the email database also indicate that town officials employ the term “going into the city” when referring to trips over the bridge into neighboring Northampton. Perhaps even more disturbing are the all-too-frequent recipe exchanges, and the unproven claims that “a good time is had by all” at the town’s annual Asparagus Festival.